Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My workshop Xx

Oh my! Find social media and branding for your business overwhelming? Thinking every day “What can I post on facebook," or "Why doesn't my Insta look like that?"? Check out my workshop North Sydney Community Centre this March.…/how-to-launch-your-b… Kate Branch Xx

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Beautiful Hua Hin

Want a beautiful and spiritual trip for your family in Thailand. Well I am no expert, but am happy to share our amazing experience in Hua Hin. Hua Hin (หัวหิน) is a seaside resort city in Thailand. It is popular with Thais, having become quite fashionable as a weekend getaway spot for Bangkok residents, as well with foreigners and as an ex-pat retirement or holiday home location. 
Our Beautiful holiday in Hua Hin was inspiring. We are a family of four and love Thailand immensely. It has every thing you would like great food, family friendly fun, and beautiful spiritual adventures. We booked an amazing place via Air BnB. Thanks Antoine! We captured some great angles on our drone! 

The condo we stayed in was amazing. Although Hua Hin is developing rapidly, there is a commitment by the local and provincial authorities to avoid the kind of overheated blight that has affected other beach resorts in Thailand. The tranquil fishing village was turned into a royal resort and consequently became popular among Siam's nobility and upper classes.
The 5 km long beach itself is pretty, and the sea is relatively clean. However, most of the beach can completely disappear along certain parts of the coast during high tide. Besides just sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming, visitors can also enjoy golf, spas, caves, peaks, waterfalls, shops, seafood and nearby national parks. The town is clean, warm and laid-back, making it ideal for families and couples.

I will always draw on the strength that I felt on my recent trip to Thailand. In Hua Hin we discovered a temple on turtle mountain. Mid way we met this beautiful Buddhist Nun. I still wear the protection amulet from her today. And the Monks loved Luke and Sophia too. Which was a beautiful thing to see. We had an amazing family holiday in Hua Hin. Thanks again Thailand, It warms my heart ❤️

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Switching to Leica

I am so excited! Im like a kid in a Candy store. I have switched to Leica and now shoot with a Leica T. I originally trained on a hasselblad, then switched to Canon when digital came around (yes I went to university in the year 2000! And we trained in the dark room)
I actually miss those days. It was much more romantic, anyway I digress. I am selling my Canon 5D Mark II and will be listing it on ebay this Sunday (sydney time). I hope it goes to a great home.
I am a sucker for an auction (so australian!) So yes, I have started the bidding at .99c.
G.A.M.E . O.N!
(I am the type of person that will buy 20 raffle tickets for a meat raffle, just because I like the rush before the draw- I'm not that fussed on meat)
Yes folks- go and google Cannon 5D Mark II and see what they are worth.
I will share on instagram and facebook when the auction is live.
Good luck
Kate Xx

Monday, September 11, 2017

Creative strategy and creative content for Golden Milk

We all know I created a kickstarter campaign to raise money for Ms Hoa in Vietnam. It was not only a life changing experience, but it opened up my world to turmeric and curcumin. And thats why I love creating content and working on creative strategy for golden milk. Its like revisiting an old friend. Not to mention that me and one of the co-founder's Naomi got along like a house on fire. 
How long did we chat in that cafe? 
More about the brand? Well like I say. You are the brand and so I would like to share more about Michael and Naomi. 

Their journey started almost 15 years ago, somewhat by accident, maybe it was just destiny.

One of our co-founders, Michael, was a travelling on a fairly exhausting schedule back and forth from the UK.

On one particular trip he hadn’t slept for almost 30 hours, got off the plane and went straight back to his desk in London. This punishing schedule did nothing for his immune system and overall health and it was at this point that he realised something had to change.

Michael’s journey to find a solution to his general health problems led him to countless Western medicine practitioners in search of answers as to why he was always so tired and run down. He saw practitioners from London to the United States and all over most of Australia.

Long working hours and a fast paced lifestyle, along with a lot of flying, meant Michael’s immune system just could not cope with the stress of everyday life.

Eventually Michael thought there had to be a better way, so he turned to alternative medicines and natural products. A healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep, a lot less work and a focus on consuming fewer processed foods, Michael has now found a road to recovery.

Naomi, our Managing Director and co-founder shares a similar outlook on life. She loves the healthy, clean living philosophy too – but still enjoys a cheeky glass of wine or two. Golden Milk was something Michael and Naomi discovered on their journey towards a healthy lifestyle, but they found the ingredients were often difficult to source and very messy and time consuming to prepare.

The result of many countless hours in the kitchen is our delicious drink we call Golden Milk by Golden Soul. They say laughter, sunshine and enjoying life is the best medicine - we hope you enjoy life and our Golden Milk just as much as we do too.

So I look forward to working creatively for this brand. And having a cup or two myself. 
Kate Xx

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bali Yoga Retreat. Yes Please!

I am a yoga retreat junkie- if there is a downward dog in a beautiful location to be had- Im there! But Yoga is not just about the postures and breath. Connections are made between amazing people. Okay Im not going to lie, its never 100% perfect. There is always that person that falls asleep in Yoga Nidra and snores loudly who bugs me. Im no saint! 
But generally every yoga retreat I have been to I have connected with someone amazing. And there is one in on October. In Beautiful Bali. 
Join a great group of people from the 21-28 October for an exclusive 8 day escape held in a luxurious jungle hideaway. Less wellness retreat and more wholesome holiday. Expect champagne on arrival, a nutritionist designed menu cooked by our in-house chefs, daily meditation on the grounds of a local temple, infinity pool five steps from your bedroom door, on-site pampering and much more. This is a holiday that you will return from feeling completely renewed and refreshed, where you don't have to think about or organise a thing - you just need to arrive, relax and enjoy a full week devoted solely to you and your wellbeing. What turns a yoga retreat into a lifetime experience. Its facilitator. 
Ashley Hunt leads amazing Yoga retreats. Because she is transparent about the struggles that lead her to meditation in the beginning. Ashley claims she is no healer or a guru. She is  just a real person who has seen tremendous effects from a regular meditation practice. Before meditation Ashley claimed she had zero confidence. She cried often and let people treat her like rubbish because she had no self worth. She was uninspired and unmotivated, and lacked direction and purpose. I think we can all relate to a time when we faced confidence challenges, or at least have a loved one who did. 
But a daily meditation practise turned that around and prepared her for the next challenge. Rheumatoid Arthritis. The mindfulness tools that Ashley had developed over the years kept her strong, and saved her from giving in to the illness. Despite it, she is able to live a full and happy life. So I could not recommend a better retreat. One that transforms you.

Enjoy, Kate Xx

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Model Kristen Parlievet

This winter has bought some beautiful moody skies to Sydney which not only allows even light to fall on the model, but also allows for some cracker moodscapes.

I had model Kristen Parlevliet come to Sydney from Melbourne and we created some great images.

So first to the #moodscape! I was feeling sad as a creative project of mine had just finished due to the incorrect logistics forecasting (yes…not my strength, as a photographer). So I wanted to create an image that showed how I was feeling.

This was a first for me as I usually would just create “beautiful images,” and not think through the mood I was in. However I was very aware of this and wanted to channel this sad feeling in my images.

So this is the finished product:

Kristen has the most AMAZING smile that makes anyone feel happy, just by being around it.

So I also created some beautiful shots showing her great personality. I just waited until I was in a better mood before I edited them, so they would be as vibrant as possible!

Thank you to Emerald city hotels for providing accommodation for Kristen. The hotel is located on Cremorne point, which is an amazing part of Sydney overlooking the harbour.

We also created some photos inside the penthouse of Cremorne Point Manor. If you are planning to get married, it is the perfect place to get ready with the girls and have the backdrop of a lifetime in your photos.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Great video of an Australian bush journey

This is a great video made by my sister in law.

Love the Australian out back and Stephanie Freeman has captured the journey so well.

Cant wait for more!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Stopping a creative project is very hard. You feel a sense of loss. I can only describe that in an image. This photo I created on Monday the same day I announced my creative project Chocumin was no longer.

You can purchase a print at Saatchi  Xx

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to look good in photo's

Kate Branch née Kate Shearer
Many years ago.....I look so serious!

Wow. There has been quite allot of movement with my book "How to look good in photo's" Last month it hit the top 30 in lifestyle photography on Amazon. Glad to see you are all striking a pose! Here is a #flashback to my modelling days (long ago....before the I-phone!)

Thanks Amazon for the amazing experience. I never thought I would write a book, but I had so many tips and tricks I wanted to share and how many workshops can a girl run! Xx

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Saturday, May 27, 2017


One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach.One can collect only a few, and they are
more beautiful if they are few....

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saatchi Art

a photography by kate branch

Okay lovelies, my artwork is being represented by Saatchi Art. 

I have a BA in Fine art from UNSW. This training fine tuned my creative skills. My fine art work has been exhibited at at TAP Gallery Darlinghurst, The Australian Affordable Art Fair, St Vincent's Private Hospital Darlinghurst, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Western Sydney. My photographic work remains in two permanent collections at two Sydney hotels, Cremorne Point Manor and Glenferrie Lodge Kirribilli. I am an avid traveller. I love capturing this amazing world we live in.


2015 A Sense of place, North Sydney Community Centre

2010 Art Sydney, East Sydney Australia

2010 Tap Gallery, East Sydney Australia

2010 City Fringe East Sydney NSW Australia

2009 Tap Gallery Sydney NSW Australia

2009 Sydney 09 Moore Park Sydney NSW Australia

2007 “Refreshed” Xavier Art Space Sydney Australia

Selected Mixed Exhibitions

2007 UN affiliated Miss World University, Seoul, Korea

2007 Art and music Theosophical society, Sydney, Australia

2007 Fashique Ruby Rabbit, Paddington, Sydney Australia

2004 Sensoria, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, Australia

2003 Graduation Show, COFA Sydney Australia

2002 Under the Sun COFA Sydney Australia

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wolgan Valley

Today I donated my images of Wolgan Valley to Wikicommons. The Wolgan Valley is a largely undeveloped valley located in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is centred on the Wolgan River and is located approximately 150 kilometres west of Sydney.

I have started donating my personal travel images to Wiki commons. I am a photographer who loves capturing the world. I have been a photographer since 2000. I wanted to donate my personal travel images so that people can use them in projects, websites, artwork or just print them and enjoy. Some images are captured with my beautiful medium format Hasselblad (Like the Australian Outback) or my trusty Cannon 5D and others are with an i phone (Maldives, Chang Mai)

I also have reviwed where I stayed at Wolgan Valley if you are thinking of visiting

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Royal Australian Navy

Had a great time at the charity fundraiser for NSW Kids in Need in conjunction with the Royal Australian Navy. We went on an amazing tour of the HMAS Canberra.

The HMAS Canberra is the lead ship of the Canberra-class landing helicopter dock in service with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). It is the current flagship of the RAN fleet. Construction of the ship started in Spain in 2008, with the hull launched by Navantia in 2011. The hull was then transported to Australia in late 2012 for completion.

It was an amazing experience and thank you to all the amazing women and men who protect our country

HTML: <img src="/images/katebranch.jpeg" alt="Kate Branch and family on the HMAS navy boat" />

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank you

Thank you to all of our kickstarter supporters. Because of you a beautiful farmer Hoa Phan will be very happy. Because of you other Vietnamese people now have employment making chocolate that will ultimately make it to your letter box.

We are doing everything we can to get our tasty curcumim chocolate to you as promised by May. My business partner Nhi comes from a family of restaurateurs and she is heading up the team.

I have never tasted food so beautiful than when Nhi prepares it. Look out foodies- your about to have something special. I am pinching myself thinking I am so lucky to have a chocolate factory.

Not only is it a childhood dream, but to be creative within a field you love in unexplainable. And to also know that you are supporting a community. A community I traveled to Vietnam to meet, eat, and laugh with. I cant describe the feeling.

Love Kate Branch

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Chocumin - The Superfood of your Dreams

alt="kate branch co founder of chocumin"

My new project is Chocumin and I am LOVING my work.

Who are we?
We are quite literally 3 mothers. Kate Branch, Nhi Dinh and Ms Hoa (hwa). 2 women
from Vietnam and 1 from Australia. Our backgrounds are extremely varied.
Ms Hoa was a successful accountant from outside of Hanoi. Due to an accident
during the birth of her first child was made a paraplegic, has moved back to the family
Turmeric farm to work with her family.

Nhi Dinh, is a mother of one and successful Vietnamese business woman who met Ms
Hoa through social media and came up with the concept of refined turmeric
chocolate to assist Ms Hoa to financially support herself despite being a paraplegic in
a poor country.

Kate Branch (me) is mother of 2 and has been a Australian professional photographer for 15 years .  I cover all the PR, marketing, sales and social media. But more importantly, I am the official taste tester ;)

What is Chocumin?

Chocumin is superfood the food of your dreams. Or at least we hope so. Its Swiss
style, milk, dark or white chocolate with 30% pure refined Curcumin from Turmeric
which is the active ingredient. Each piece of delicious Chocumin contains the same
amount of Curcumin as eating Sixty, 500mg capsules of turmeric. (30 grams, 1.05 oz)
Not only is Chocumin good for you, it’s tasty. Eaten alone or with a warm beverage it’s
the perfect healthy way to enjoy eating chocolate and obtaining 1mg of Curcumin in
your diet.

Why is this important?
Multiple medical studies have shown that Curcumin refined from Turmeric has
impressive and inflammatory properties. The problem is that most studies have been
based on large amounts of Turmeric and we’ve shown that simply eating this amount
of Turmeric is almost impossible in a normal diet. We have made this challenge a
breeze by combining our love of chocolate and our love of healthy living.
Not only is our product good for you. We are absolutely Farm to Table. We grow the
Turmeric, Refine the Curcumin, make the Chocumin and send it to you. There is no
middleman. Also in buying our product you will be directly supporting female farmers
in Vietnam.